Bringing clarity to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.

Our Approach

We combine oncology expertise with advanced technology and analytics to organize real world data in order to guide decisions and actions.

Together, we can bring clarity to cancer care.

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We curate EHR data that can be used to drive research and standardization in order to improve patient outcomes while also reducing costs at your institution.

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We make clinical sense of claims data, providing insight into performance and related outcomes across sites in order to support value-based payment models.

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Life Sciences

Our deeply curated real world data accelerates drug development informing the decisions and actions that will deliver the best drugs to patients faster and at a lower cost.

COTA Joins Aetion CARE Initiative

In this episode of Real World Talk, host Sandy Leonard sits down with Ulka Campbell, Head of Scientific Strategy at Aetion, and CK Wang, Chief Medical Officer at COTA. They dive into the Aetion CARE program, a cross-industry initiative aimed at understanding real-world data’s role in evaluating oncology therapeutics.

Campbell explains the importance of the CARE program, emphasizing the collaborative approach involving various stakeholders. The team is working on emulating trials, focusing on study design, data fitness, and documenting learnings. The goal is to support oncology therapeutic development, approval, and access.

Wang adds insights into the differentiation between EHR and claims data sources, highlighting the specific needs in oncology trials. The conversation concludes with a look into the future of oncology research, leaving listeners with a clear understanding of the CARE program’s significance and its potential impact on the field.

Latest Resources

So you want to train an oncology LLM: Start by getting close to the data

To create targeted LLMs that are suitable for diving into health-related areas like oncology, we must choose our data carefully and get as close to the original source as possible to avoid “playing telephone” with inaccurate information that could affect drug development processes or cancer outcomes.
COTA wins google cloud award

COTA Wins Google Cloud Customer of the Year Award for using AI to Improve Cancer Care

A panel of senior Google Cloud executives selected COTA from a pool of entries to win *2* Google Cloud Customer Awards. These awards showcase companies from around the world who are using Google Cloud technologies to improve their operations, and their social and governance efforts.
How real-world data is enhancing our understanding of lung cancer recurrence Blog

How real-world data is enhancing our understanding of lung cancer recurrence

While the incidence of lung cancer is decreasing over time, and survival rates are on the rise year-over-year, there is still much to learn about how to best treat this disease – and prevent its recurrence after initial therapy.

Let’s work together to transform cancer care.

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