Bringing clarity to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.

Our Approach

We combine oncology expertise with advanced technology and analytics to organize real world data in order to guide decisions and actions.

Together, we can bring clarity to cancer care.

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We curate EHR data that can be used to drive research and standardization in order to improve patient outcomes while also reducing costs at your institution.

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We make clinical sense of claims data, providing insight into performance and related outcomes across sites in order to support value-based payment models.

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Life Sciences

Our deeply curated real world data accelerates drug development informing the decisions and actions that will deliver the best drugs to patients faster and at a lower cost.

Using Centralized Real-World Data to Improve Patient Outcomes With Marisa Co and David Anstatt

Real-world data plays a vital role in the pharmaceutical industry, and it can immensely support clinical research and drug development. However, a centralized and coordinated data strategy could make a more significant impact. In this episode of the Real World Talk podcast, our host Miruna Sasu welcomes Marisa Co, Head of R&D Business Insights and Analytics, and David Anstatt, Vice President of Real-world Analytics & Data Science, at Bristol-Myers Squibb. They talk about the value of centralized real-world data, why data is an asset for enterprises, and the importance of collaboration in the pharma space.

Latest Resources

On the Ground at ISPOR 2023

Healthcare stakeholders gathered in Boston for ISPOR 2023 – the annual meeting to advance the science and practice of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) around the world. Read insights and takeaways from the COTA team.

COTA, Inc. Expands Oncology Real-World Data Research & Consulting Services to Accelerate Safe, Effective Drug Development

COTA’s expanded services will provide even more support to organizations conducting research, like Bristol Myers Squibb, the US Food and Drug Administration, and Miami Cancer Institute. From protocol advisory and development to analytic and algorithmic support and publications, COTA’s expert guidance is a valuable asset for those looking to make advances in oncology research.

Building a better ECA: 5 steps for submitting an ECA to regulators

In this post we look at the future of RWD in action and explore the world of external control arms (ECAs). Experts outline 5 steps to building and submitting an ECA to regulators.

Let’s work together to transform cancer care.

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