Bringing clarity to cancer

We are working to ensure that everyone touched by cancer has a clear path to the right care.

Our Approach

We combine oncology expertise with advanced technology and analytics to organize real world data in order to guide decisions and actions.

Together, we can bring clarity to cancer care.

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We curate EHR data that can be used to drive research and standardization in order to improve patient outcomes while also reducing costs at your institution.

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We make clinical sense of claims data, providing insight into performance and related outcomes across sites in order to support value-based payment models.

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Life Sciences

Our deeply curated real world data accelerates drug development informing the decisions and actions that will deliver the best drugs to patients faster and at a lower cost.

How Standardization and Consistency Help With Using Real World Data in Clinical Research

All data companies working in the healthcare industry are on a mission to help with the development of drugs and high-quality treatments while aiming for the best patient outcomes.

But, unlike controlled conditions under which clinical trials are conducted, real world data is collected from a variety of different sources. It is an unregulated but critical area of clinical research. That’s why many conversations around the standardization of this type of data have occupied data scientists’ attention. The FDA has recently released a document with guidance on how to use real world data for regulatory submissions.

COTA Survey Report

Study: Cancer Patients and Their Families Frustrated with Slow Pace of Drug and Treatment Innovation

COTA announced findings from a study that found 66% of cancer patients and families surveyed think the speed of clinical trials for cancer treatments remains far too slow. Read more of the findings from the study, which surveyed 1,110 Americans who’ve either had cancer or who’ve had someone in their immediate family with cancer.

Latest Resources


Real-World Data Champion Robert Califf Nominated for FDA Commissioner

Dr. Califf is a staunch advocate for the use of real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) in the clinical trial ecosystem, with a long history of leveraging RWD and RWE to transform the life sciences community.

COTA Collaborates with University of Chicago Medicine and UT Southwestern on Research To Be Presented at the American Society for Hematology’s Annual Meeting & Exposition

Four abstracts will be showcased at the American Society for Hematology’s (ASH) Annual Meeting & Exposition from December 11–14, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. COTA has the most comprehensive hematology oncology real-world data that is curated under the close guidance of leading oncologists and hematology specialists.

Rewriting the Oncology Patient’s Journey with Real-World Data

Life science stakeholders are committed to making the path to positive outcomes less frightening and convoluted for patients. With breakthrough treatments and innovative therapies targeted to the toughest of cancers, the industry has made significant progress with guiding patients toward longer, healthier lives.

Let’s work together to transform cancer care.

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