Refine Clinical Development Strategies

Access a multi-indication oncology dataset based on EMR data that offers comprehensive insights into the full range of oncological diseases, revealing unmet epidemiological needs and providing a holistic understanding of patient journeys at scale.

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Use Cases

Track Holistic Patient Journeys at Scale

Vista allows life sciences to holistically track the journeys of real oncology patients across the disease spectrum. The inclusion of non-oncological data enables further identification of epidemiological trends and guidance of research decisions.

Automated Updates and Data Standardization

Vista uses structured EMR data and machine learning to standardize patient data across disease states and treatment protocols for easy comparative analysis.

Designed for Large-Scale Biopharmaceutical Research

Vista is continuously being improved and enriched with data and clinical logic through collaboration with biopharma partners.

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COTA by the Numbers

2.1M+ Cancer Patient Lives

50/50 Academic vs. Community Treatment Setting

3 Approvals Supported

9 Hematology and Solid Tumor Diagnoses

5-Year Average Follow-up

2X Higher Inclusion Percentage in ECA vs. Competitor

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Additional Support

Get the Most of Your Vista Data with Real-World Insights and Support

Real-World Insights and Support is an optional add-on that pairs perfectly with your Vista data. Our team of clinical experts, researchers, and statisticians will come alongside your teams to help them use the data to design studies, run analyses, and construct regulatory submission packages.


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