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3 traits to look for in an oncology real-world data partner

Before raw, real-world data (RWD) can be transformed into actionable insights, it has to go through a number of different...

For the hematology community, AI and RWD are top of mind

A huge number of new breakthroughs in drug development, treatment guidelines, and decision support technologies occur every day to treat...

LLMs aren’t good enough at diagnostics yet. What will it take to get them there?

Large language models (LLMs) are the foundation of highly hyped generative AI tools like Chat-GPT and Google Bard. ...
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Real-world data is helping to fine-tune care decisions for multiple myeloma patients: New research published at 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting

Researchers and clinicians agree that standards of care should be regularly reviewed and optimized based on the latest evidence to...

Exploring standards of care in real-world settings with RWD

Real-world data (RWD) can help to illuminate patterns in therapy selection and the correlation to outcomes, giving oncologists and researchers...

From Data to Discovery: How AI Is Accelerating Progress in Oncology

the latest wave of data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) advances are challenging views, empowering individuals across life sciences functions...

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Summary During this episode of Real World Talk, host Kevin Keogh talks with Dr. Andrew Pecora of OMI (Outcomes Matter…

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Summary During this episode of Real World Talk, host Zoe Li has a conversation with Michelle Hoiseth, the Chief Data…

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Much of today’s investigational cancer therapeutics originates in small biotechnology companies, most of which are innovative and agile by nature, but also lack the financial horsepower, resources, and infrastructure of…

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Real-world data (RWD) in Oncology proves to be a vital source for clinical decisions and program decisions. COTA partnered with a Top 5 Pharma company to curate a custom multiple…

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Despite advances in liquid biopsies, standard-of-care remains tissue-based genotyping, an approach that is relatively invasive, inconvenient, slow, and expensive

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