In-Depth Oncology Cohort Analysis

Get access to curated patient data for a specific sub population to guide go/ no-go decisions, inform study design, and develop ECAs to support regulatory submission.

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Use Cases

Uncover Patterns in Targeted Populations to Drive Commercial Strategy

Our Focus product is a highly customized, enriched real-world patient data package designed to support your specific research objectives.

Support Rare-Cohort Label Expansions

Focus data can be tailored to specific patient cohorts to support ancilliary approval submissions for small populations.

Investigate Outcomes for Specific Subpopulations

Conduct Phase IV and HEOR studies to identify patterns in treatment response for specific patient sub cohorts.

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COTA by the Numbers

2.1M+ Cancer Patient Lives

50/50 Academic vs. Community Treatment Setting

3 Approvals Supported

9 Hematology and Solid Tumor Diagnoses

5-Year Average Follow-up

2X Higher Inclusion Percentage in ECA vs. Competitor

Quality Real-World Data for Hematologic and Solid Tumor Diagnoses

COTA’s database of patients includes longitudinal treatment and outcomes data for oncology patients including:


Solid Tumors:

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Additional Support

Get the Most of Your Focus Data with Real-World Insights and Support

Real-World Insights and Support is an optional add-on that pairs perfectly with your Focus data. Our team of clinical experts, researchers, and statisticians will come alongside your teams to help them use the data to design studies, run analyses, and construct regulatory submission packages.


Fueling the Future of Cancer Research

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How COTA & Komodo Health Combine Real-World Datasets for Better Patient Insights

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Put Your Data into Focus

Discover the power of real-world cancer data to help you answer questions about specific patient subpopulations.

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