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Unlocking Insights
in Oncology for Healthcare Clarity

Discover how COTA’s full-service Real-World Analytics Platform transforms fragmented healthcare data into actionable insights for oncology practices.



Unleashing the Power of Real-World Data

Our Real-World Analytics platform is designed to handle large datasets, providing valuable insights and enabling data-driven decision-making. Advanced analytics capabilities empower organizations to unlock the full potential of real-world data.

  • Clinically-Curated EHR Data: Tap into a rich vein of
    electronic health records, meticulously curated for
    clinical relevance.
  • Comprehensive Patient Journey Analytics: Utilize intuitive, point-and-click tools to detail every step of a patient’s healthcare journey.
  • Dynamic Cohorting: Compare and contrast
    patient groups through a flexible cohorting
  • Outcome Reporting: Gain the power to robustly
    report on patient outcomes and critical endpoints.
Chart with a man
Chart with a man


Applying the Power of Advanced Analytics

With our platform, users can easily access clinically relevant metrics and reporting needed to understand treatments and outcomes within their patient population.
  • Compare Care Approaches: Examine similar patient cohorts side by side to discern variations in care and results.
  • Standardization Support: Analyze care consistency across multiple sites to inform and advocate for standardization.
  • Uncover Real-World Patient Outcomes: Discover authentic patient responses and results within your own patient demographics.


User-Friendly Interface for Easy Data Analysis

Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the analysis of real-world data. With intuitive features and powerful tools, users can easily navigate and gain valuable insights.

  • Intuitive Design for Seamless Data Exploration
  • Efficient Data Processing for Quick Analysis Results
  • Customizable Dashboards for Personalized Data Visualization
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Unlock Insights with Real-World Analytics

Discover the power of data driven decision making with our Real-World Analytics platform.