HEOR Teams

Position Post-Marketing (PMCs) and Outcomes Studies for Success

Use COTA data to conduct required post-marketing studies to validate safety and patient outcomes, answer questions from health authorities and payers, support new dosing schedules, routes of administration and more.

Validate Real-World Drug Safety and Effectiveness

Utilize COTA real-world outcomes data to conduct outcome comparisons and validate safety and efficacy of therapies.

Analyze Health Economics and Outcomes

Extend the product life cycle with label expansion submissions supported by real-world patient data.

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Real-World Evidence for Real-World Results

Access the Highest-Quality Oncology Real-World Data

Vantage is perfect for R&D teams looking to get a high-level view of a specific cancer diagnosis. Vantage provides regulatory-grade patient data that is curated for your specific use case. This data can be used for identifying trends in treatment response, uncovering outlying subpopulations, and testing hypotheses to inform future drug research.

COTA Connect

As an enhanced supplement to our flagship Focus and Vantage offerings, this feature offers the ability to integrate COTA’s extensive real-world clinical data with diverse supplementary data sources, such as claims, imaging, and socioeconomic information, unlocking new dimensions of data connectivity.

Real-World Insights and Support is an optional, complementary add-on service that adds personalized expertise and support to your data. Our clinical and statistical experts work either as clinical advisors or as the execution arm of your team (depending on the data you choose) to provide statistical analysis and streamline study designs.

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