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When you re focusing on the future of cancer care, it helps to start with a clear and accurate picture of the present.



Our Approach

COTA leverages our proprietary abstraction technology and oncology expertise to curate meaningful, longitudinal, and de identified data to enable insight generation.

We form flexible and collaborative partnerships with life science companies to shape the future of real world evidence.

Our Value


Market of current oncologics and decisions to drive future therapeutic areas.

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Drug development and build
real world comparator arms.



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New ways of thinking about how trials are designed.



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Getting Focused

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Where does our data come from?

COTA captures clinical data from EHR from multiple provider sources across the United States, including both academic and community cancer programs. We also use non-EHR sources such as publicly available and proprietary databases, to generate a rich and precise dataset for use by life sciences companies.

COTA collects all clinically-relevant data points to create a rich, in-depth longitudinal cancer patient journey from our healthcare providers’ EHR. Data elements captured may vary per cancer type, but generally, our data contains (but is not limited to) detailed demographic, pathologic, genomic, treatment, and outcomes data.

Life sciences companies have used our data to support HEOR, commercial assessments, and clinical development, including supplementing clinical trial data with RWD in the form of external comparator controls. We are open to discussing any other opportunities, as well as your data needs and how COTA can generate value for your organization.

We work with life science companies interested in using oncology RWD to accelerate drug development and bring clarity to cancer. We work with the top global pharmaceutical companies, though our partners range from multinational pharma to emerging biotechs.

Our collaborative and flexible approach enables us to succeed with emerging biopharma partners. We work alongside EBPs to provide analytical, medical, and strategic support to validate use of COTA data towards EBP goals.
COTA is ISO-certified, HIPAA-compliant, and aligns with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.


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Compared to information from clinical trials, real-world data (RWD) provides oncologists and cancer researchers with data on how diverse groups of patients are treated in current clinical practice. Researchers from Hackensack Meridian Health and COTA teamed up to analyze real-world treatment outcomes for people with multiple myeloma – a type of blood cancer. The findings, […]

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