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Empowering Drug Research Teams

Inform trial design research strategy, validate early hypotheses, make go/no-go decisions, and streamline study design with COTA’s Real-World Oncology Data Solutions.


Discover Patterns in Patient Data for Research and Development

Targeting translational medicine and science teams, our dataset, featuring longitudinal data on over 2.1 million cancer patients, provides an unparalleled breadth of insight into cancer diagnoses and patient demographics.


This rich resource empowers researchers to deeply understand patient outcomes, therapeutic effects, and the course of disease progression. By identifying key patterns, our data can reveal insights into disease mechanisms and open fresh perspectives for advancing drug candidates from the lab to the clinic, accelerating the journey towards Investigational New Drug (IND) applications and clinical deployment.


Drive R&D Strategy and Decision-Making

The average cancer drug takes 10 years and $1B to develop. Streamline your process and cut out expensive, dead-end research by validating early hypotheses and using COTA data to create predictive models for treatment response so you can make faster, more informed decisions for your assets.


Streamline Study Design

Create optimal study designs and conditions using COTA data and clinical and statistical insights from our team of providers, statisticians, and data scientists.

Real-World Evidence for Real-World Results

Access the Highest-Quality Oncology Real-World Data

Recommended COTA Products


Vantage is perfect for R&D teams looking to get a high-level view of a specific cancer diagnosis. Vantage provides regulatory-grade patient data that is curated for your specific use case. This data can be used for identifying trends in treatment response, uncovering outlying subpopulations, and testing hypotheses to inform future drug research.

Clinicogenomics enhances our oncology database by adding comprehensive genomic profiling to real-world patient data. This add-on product reveals crucial patterns, aiding early drug discovery and development opportunities.

Real-World Insights and Support is an optional, complementary add-on service that adds personalized expertise and support to your data. Our clinical and statistical experts work either as clinical advisors or as the execution arm of your team (depending on the data you choose), to provide statistical analysis and streamline study designs.

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