Real-World Insights & Support

Augment Your Data with Expert
Research Execution

Real-World Insights adds our team of clinical experts to your team in an execution
role. We’ll help design the optimal study conditions, develop the necessary protocol, and 

conduct the statistical analysis. If desired, our team will even draft the manuscript following 

your team’s research lead.

Leverage Clinical and Statistical
Experts to Make the Most of Your

Real-World Insights & Real-World Support adds an additional layer of consultative or 

executional expertise to your research.

Leverage Guidance from Industry Veterans to Streamline Research

Real-World Insights and Support is an optional add-on that pairs perfectly with your choice of dataset. Our team of clinical experts, researchers, and statisticians will come alongside your teams to help them use the data to design studies, run analyses, and construct regulatory submission packages.

COTA by the Numbers

2.1M+ Cancer Patient Lives

50/50 Academic vs. Community Treatment Setting

3 Approvals Supported

9 Hematology and Solid Tumor Diagnoses

5-Year Average

2X Higher Inclusion Percentage in ECA vs. Competitor

5-Year Average Follow-up

Real World Insights & Support

See How COTA Expertise is
Supporting Cancer Research


Explore how AI is propelling 

oncology forward, from enhancing research to accelerating the development of treatments.


Dive into how COTA and Komodo Health are merging their vast datasets to deepen patient insights, enhancing the understanding of patient journeys and outcomes.


Learn more about the huge
number of new breakthroughs in drug development, treatment guidelines, and decision-support technologies that occur daily to
treat blood cancers.

Additional Support

Power Your Research with Clinical and Analytical Expertise

Add Real-World Insights or Real-World Support to your data package and engage the COTA research team to conduct or guide your next research study.