With Tailored, Fit-for-Purpose RWD from COTA, Life Science Companies Can Drive Innovation

Deeply curated, targeted oncology datasets are often hard to find, especially for life science companies on the leading edge of innovation. Our cancer-specific data product Vantage© offers flexible, customized, and de-identified data to equip researchers with fit-for-purpose real-world data.

The healthcare ecosystem generates approximately a third of all the new data in the world. From EHRs and claims to clinical trials and patient-reported outcomes, healthcare providers, patients, researchers, and life science partners are generating zettabytes of new data every year – data that holds largely untapped potential for developing new therapies and fostering better outcomes.

However, these datasets aren’t just big. They are raw, unworked, and often very messy. To turn these data reserves into truly actionable information, they need to be meticulously curated into meaningful, targeted datasets that are fit for their intended purposes.

Curating Clinically Relevant Datasets

This process is complex and challenging, especially when bringing together multiple sources of real-world data (RWD) to support research in the life sciences. Consider the hematologic oncology space, where developing effective new therapies requires population-level data that is both broad enough to be representative and targeted enough to answer very specific research questions.

It takes time, resources, and extensive clinical and technical expertise to develop these fit-for-purpose datasets. Oftentimes, members of the life sciences community do not have the ability to make the necessary investments over and over again for each dataset they need.

Changing the Game with Vantage Datasets

COTA is changing that equation. With deeply curated, disease-specific, large scale data sets from our Vantage© product, life science companies can leverage de-identified EHR data for a variety of high-value projects, including informing the direction of new products, conducting health economics and outcomes research, supporting regulatory submissions via external control and comparator arms (ECAs), and demonstrating value and safety in the post-market environment.

Life science companies can use Vantage© data sets to quickly and effectively address regulatory and submission needs, answer unlimited research questions, and test and validate hypotheses in real time, because the datasets do not have to be specifically developed anew each time for each question.

Instead, COTA curates these hematologic oncology datasets to provide a disease-wide view of these real world patients, with options to add custom elements and refresh schedules to ensure that researchers have access to precise and timely patient data. Customization options include special biomarkers or populations of patients of interest, different types of outcomes that match outcomes measured in an associated clinical trial, or imaging data to augment observation of therapeutic effectiveness.

With real-world data sets from Vantage©, life science companies can look beyond the limitations of unfiltered big data and dig down into the details more quickly and efficiently.

For example, over the course of 2 years, COTA is delivering data on hundreds of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients who are unfit for intensive therapy and receive a specific treatment regimen. Due to the rarity of this disease, performing traditional clinical trials is a difficult challenge. 

Top 10 Pharma, FDA, & Vantage

COTA’s RWD will help a top ten pharma company contextualize the data that they are collecting in a single-arm trial by illustrating the standard of care for these patients. Additionally, by using this data, the partners will develop endpoints that serve as proxies for the specific cohort of  AML patients. 

This sponsor is currently planning for discussions with the FDA and reimbursement agencies to further inform the design of their study. With relevant, robust data on hand, the company can work more effectively with industry partners to improve the outcomes of patients with this type of cancer.

As real-world data continues to proliferate at a galloping pace, life science companies will need to explore innovative strategies for leveraging the most appropriate and impactful data assets available to them.

COTA makes it easier to engage with high-value real-world data without the need to repeatedly expend limited time and resources on the tedious fundamentals of data curation. With Vantage©’s rich and targeted data sets, life sciences companies can focus their efforts on what they do best: developing life-altering therapies for patients and bringing hope to those with difficult-to-treat diseases.