The Questions You Should Be Asking When Evaluating Real-World Data

With a thriving data marketplace and rising enthusiasm, it’s easy to get excited by promises and possibilities of what real-world data (RWD) has to offer. However, the explosion of RWD sources such as electronic medical records, wearables, and other devices has made it nearly impossible to understand what to focus on as a user of RWD. Does the source of data matter most? Data elements? Volume? Clearly not all data are created equal.

Quality > Quantity When it Comes to RWD

Over the past five years at COTA, partnering with life science companies on RWD solutions, one mistake consistently seen is an overemphasis on the volume of data as the main driver of decisions. Unfortunately, putting so much focus on one aspect of RWD can lead to problems.

Here are four questions to ask as you’re sourcing the appropriate RWD for your next research initiative:

  • Are the data diverse, relevant, and representative?
  • Are the data discrete and verifiable?
  • Does the data include longitudinal clinical outcomes?
  • Is it customizable and adaptable?

For the responses to these questions, quotes from credible individuals in the industry, and to continue the conversation about real-world data please read the full article HERE