It might surprise some to learn that, despite a long history of strong bipartisan support, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that guarantees equal rights for all Americans regardless of sex, has not been fully ratified as an Amendment to the US Constitution. In this challenging time – with both a global pandemic and increased attention on the many inequalities that exist – COTA is proud to share that we have joined a diverse group of 93 companies in signing an Amicus Brief to ratify the ERA.

Every individual should have equal protection under the law. This sounds simple, but the reality is that men and women continue to be treated differently on account of their sex, resulting in a myriad of disparities in economic, health, and other outcomes. Recently, these disparities have been exacerbated as the economy faces dynamic and uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic. This financial hardship is falling disproportionately on women, particularly women of color. We must do more to ensure that every individual is given the same opportunity to thrive.

COTA has added our name to the Amicus Brief further supporting the need to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. This action sends a powerful message about the nation’s commitment to gender equality and would be transformational for the American economy. By eliminating systemic barriers that impede women’s economic and social advancement, the Equal Rights Amendment would result in a more just, vibrant, and productive America. By signing the Amicus Brief, COTA joins influential companies such as Apple, Biogen, Gilead Sciences and Pfizer, in demanding gender equality in the workplace and society at large.

For information about COTA’s efforts to support equality and diversity, read more about the ongoing work of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee.