COTA’s Podcast Brings Together RWD Experts from Across the Industry

Recently, we launched Real World Talk with COTA – a podcast that brings together thought leaders from across our industry to discuss real-world data (RWD) and its impact on drug development and cancer care. 

As a company, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to amplify the understanding and application of RWD because we believe everyone touched by cancer deserves a clear path to the right care. The podcast brings together and highlights industry leaders who are working to accelerate the use of real-world data. 

To kick off the series, FDA’s Dr. Amy Abernethy, spoke with COTA’s CEO, Michael Doyle around how RWD has helped address the ongoing pandemic. “Real-world data can help us understand the story of a disease. It can help us prioritize treatments that might work. It can help us understand and put those treatments into context.” – Dr. Amy Abernethy 

Following the theme of RWD in the time of COVID-19, COTA’s Chief Medical Officer – Dr. C.K. Wang – and Senior Medical Director – Dr. Ming He – reviewed how using RWD could shape the future of oncology. “We have seen the CDC and FDA turning to real-world data to better understand [COVID-19], and its real-world treatment as well as real-world patient outcomes. From my perspective, this has really brought real-world data to the forefront of drug development.– Dr. C.K. Wang 
In another episode, former Bayer CDO Jess Federer talked about the impact of real-world data on healthcare, noting she has never seen regulators move this fast, and wonders if this speed is the “new normal.” 
Dr. Andrew Pecora, executive chairman and founder of COTA, highlighted why the FDA turned to COTA as a partner to deliver valuable insights into COVID-19. “We realized that with COTA’s ability to abstract massive quantities of data in a very short period of time, we might be able to find some answers to these questions.” – Dr. Pecora
In her segment, Michelle Hoiseth, the Chief Data Officer of Parexel highlights opportunities where RWD can play a crucial role throughout the drug development life cycle noting the importance of cross industry collaboration in order to deliver the best outcomes to patients.
Lili Brillstein, a national expert in healthcare payment models spoke to the industry’s challenges when transitioning to a value-based care model. Lili details specific examples – most notably the oncology care model – and breaks down the components of a specialty care medical home model built around oncology.
Nancy Dreyer, IQVIA’s Chief Scientific Officer spoke about the relationship between real-world data and clinical trials. During the episode, Nancy and COTA’s CMO C.K. Wang discussed the Lancet’s recently retracted study around COVID-19 and the questions it raised about the application of RWD.
And in our most recent episode, Bruno Villetelle, Head of Data and Digital for Novartis, discussed how real-world data can help our industry get closer to three big “what if” questions – what if you could bring a drug to patients faster? What if you could do that for twice as many patients? And what if it could all happen for a better cost? Novartis used the aviation industry as inspiration for its own data platform, which tracks every trial Novartis is running – over 500 trials in 70 countries. According to Villetelle, “The use of real world data and nontraditional study designs to inform regulatory approval of new drugs or expanded indications of marketed drugs is an exciting and active area of research.”

Subscribe here and stay tuned as we launch our next installment of episodes that will focus on the use of RWD by oncology providers. Guests include the Mayo Clinic’s Rafael Fonseca, MD and The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders CEO, Barry Russo. Additionally, if you’re interested in being a guest, or would like to suggest someone for an upcoming episode, reach out to us via our contact form. Thanks for listening!