An Exciting Time for Real World Data with Michelle Hoiseth of Parexel

Summary During this episode of Real World Talk, host Zoe Li has a conversation with Michelle Hoiseth, the Chief Data Officer of Parexel. Michelle talks about this being an exciting time for real world data and the opportunity that exists for the life sciences industry. Highlights Key Points Resources

Challenges and Trends with Value-Based Care Models Featuring Lili Brillstein of BCollaborative

Summary During this episode of Real World Talk, host Emily Di Capua has a discussion with Lili Brillstein, the Chief Executive Officer of BCollaborative (Brillstein Collaborative Consulting). Lili works with Payers, Providers, Pharma, Start-Ups and other stakeholders to progress the movement from fee-for-service to patient-focused, value-based care models. Highlights Key Points Resources

Beyond Drug Prices: Understanding The True Cost of Treatment with Dr. Rafael Fonseca

Summary In this episode of Real World Talk, host Kevin Keogh talks to Dr. Rafael Fonseca, a hematologist who specializes in multiple myeloma, and Interim Director of the Mayo Clinic’s Cancer Center. They discuss the gulf between the idealized world of clinical trials and the reality experienced by patients with an incurable cancer like multiple […]

The Challenges of Value-Based Care and Why it’s Worth it with Barry Russo

Summary In this episode of Real World Talk, Nick Ritter talks to Barry Russo, CEO of The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. They discuss the benefits and challenges of value-based care (VBC), an approach that takes into account every aspect of a patient’s health instead of focusing on just one issue, like cancer. Highlights […]

A Year in Review with Mike Doyle

Summary In this year-end episode of Real World Talk, host Emily Di Capua talks to COTA President and CEO Mike Doyle. Mike describes how COTA has helped the FDA in its quest to gather data on COVID-19. COTA had access to data from 3,000 COVID-positive in-patients being treated at New Jersey-based partner Hackensack Meridian Health. […]

How Real World Data has Changed the Treatment Paradigm with Ankit Kansagra

Summary In this episode of Real World Talk, Zoe Li talks to Ankit Kansagra. Dr. Kansagra is an oncologist and medical researcher at UT Southwestern in Dallas. Real world data has changed the treatment paradigm, the doctor says. Clinical trials are the foundation, but it is crucial to look beyond basic labs. Going through previous […]

The Importance of Using AI and Real World Data in Cancer Care with Corey Zankowski

Summary In this episode of the Real World Talk podcast, Nick Ritter talks to Corey Zankowski, the senior vice president of oncology software solutions at Varian Medical Systems. The first part of the conversation is dedicated to trends in the oncology community. Corey says the need for cancer care is expanding into emerging markets. The […]