After nearly a month of being a part of the COTA team, I’ve come to realize that this company and the opportunity to transform oncology is even bigger and more meaningful than I ever would have expected. The shared mission I have heard while at COTA is a dedication to improve and extend the lives of patients living with cancer.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of meeting wonderful and talented team members, referred to as CO10s, who are singularly driven to create a technology platform that will fundamentally change how cancer is treated. By understanding how to leverage de-identified patient data, oncologists are empowered to create and support the best possible treatment plan. Not only is this about finding new therapeutic treatments based on perceived ‘clinical value’ – but it is also about applying how previous patients with the same type of cancer and genetic makeup thrived with available treatments. We support scalable precision medicine using the history of patients who have experienced the best outcomes – while also learning how to improve overall patient care in the future.

In the healthcare business, transparency is necessary to not only build trust with valued customers and partners, but also with team members. We are committed to being a positive contributor to our healthcare ecosystem and will do our part to be responsible and ensure that our focus remains on the oncology community through collaborations with academia, non-academic providers, payers, patients, advocacy groups, research organizations, etc. As CO10s, many of us have experienced firsthand through our own care or through family and loved ones how important our mission is. For those very few who have never been touched by cancer, consider yourself the luckiest and may your good fortune continue.

Going forward we will be using the blog to share interesting and exciting updates worthy of everyone’s eyes. I welcome the opportunity to engage in conversation, so please know that you can email me at askmike@cotahealthcare.com or find me on LinkedIn. Now back to my CO10s team member training!