Getting personal with real-world data at ViVE 2024

Everything depends on data in the modern healthcare and life sciences environments. But which data really matters when it comes to answering critical questions about developing the safest and most effective treatments? What elements are most relevant to the outcomes we care about right now? How about in the future? And how do we manage the collection, curation, and analysis of these elements so we can get even more precise and personalized with the way we select treatments for each unique individual?

These are critical questions for everyone who touches patients, from pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to health plans and front-line clinicians, especially as the scope and volume of patient-generated real-world data (RWD) increases exponentially and new AI tools dramatically expand our capabilities.

As precision medicine becomes more and more of a reality, organizations need to develop a centralized data strategy that orchestrates their ability to generate, govern, and utilize the right data at the right time in a secure, private, and equitable manner.

At ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, COTA’s Chief Medical Officer, C.K. Wang, MD will take part in a discussion session called “Data That’s Getting Personal” on Tuesday, February 27, at 9:00 AM.

Alongside moderator Ezra Mehlman, Managing Partner at Health Enterprise Partners, Dr. Wang will be joined by a panel of fellow real-world data experts to share their experiences and perspectives on creating the right data-rich conditions to support the future of precision medicine. The panel includes:

  • Ashwini Davison, MD, Healthcare Executive Advisor at Amazon Web Services
  • Becky Fox, Chief Clinical Information Officer at Intermountain Health
  • Bradd Busick, Senior VP and Chief Information Officer at MultiCare


Join us at ViVE 2024 for this fascinating look into how to make the most of patient-generated data today while preparing for the next generation of proactive, personalized care. We hope to see you there!