The last few months have been tough for businesses across the board. Particularly for businesses in healthcare, it has forced the questions of not just “how do we survive” but also “what can we be doing to help?” COTA’s CEO Mike Doyle has taken this call to action seriously, with the company redirecting many of its resources to projects focused on COVID-19. In two recent articles, Mike reflects on how the pandemic is challenging leaders to be flexible and, specifically in healthcare, how data companies can be doing more.

Advice for Leaders Through a Pandemic

Leadership at any time can be challenging, and this has never been more true than over the uncertainty of the last few months. In an article published in the Boston Business Journal, Mike offers other leaders three suggestions on how to move forward during uncertain times. From embracing change to keeping team members engaged, Mike urges other leaders to remember that pivoting is not a death sentence; it’s an opportunity to grow. As questions continue about reopening strategies and what is the new “normal,” it’s important to consider how we can apply what we have learned to improve our work environments rather than simply returning to our old ways.

Making Data Work Smarter

With a more specific lens of healthcare, Mike recently contributed a piece to FierceHealthcare discussing how our existing data resources can be deployed to enhance our understanding of COVID-19. As we’ve been forced to rapidly advance both our understanding of and treatment approaches to this pandemic, real-world data (RWD) has proved to be an invaluable resource in gaining early information. Beyond COVID-19, patient data can also be instrumental in ensuring that clinical trials continue on as planned. Due to the pandemic, a number of trials have been put on hold. However, RWD can be used to fill these gaps down the line so that ongoing clinical research isn’t slowed. ‍ Do you have another topic you think Mike should write about? Let us know by contacting pr@cotahealthcare.com.