We are pleased to recognize Tanvi Pal in this month’s Team Member Spotlight! Prior to joining COTA in November 2018 as a Senior Software Engineer, Tanvi worked at INTTRA as an Application Architect and Front End (UI/UX) Dev/Lead. Tanvi graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication from Jaywant Shikshan Prarsark Mandals Rajarshi Shahu College of Education.

When she’s not in the office, Tanvi likes to travel, do crafts and draw, and listen to music (mostly Bollywood). Tanvi also recently became a mom and it’s something she is learning, day-by-day and living by the mantra her mother gave her – “Be Happy, whatever comes by!”

If you’re interested in learning more about Tanvi, why she likes working at COTA and her thoughts on the future of cancer care, read on…

Why do you like working for COTA?

COTA’s mission is “Bringing Clarity To Cancer.” I personally do not know anyone who has cancer, but when I hear stories from my colleagues and friends, about how their lives have been touched by cancer, all I think is: what can I do to answer some of the questions we have about this disease? Every day I come to work at COTA, I always feel proud that my work is helping doctors and patients get answers they need to battle this incredibly complex disease.

What do you like about the COTA team?

The COTA team is really about inclusiveness and teamwork. I really feel the people I work with are awesome. They help you to learn and grow, and at the same time, you have time for yourself. This place really gives me the support to do what I love (to code) and also to learn new things and to experiment with them.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As someone working in the cancer care space, how is this awareness month significant to you and your company?  

Increased breast cancer awareness is very much needed. It will help us to discuss and learn first-hand how people have fought and overcome this disease. COTA as a company is helping with this effort and I am proud to work towards finding answers to key questions so that we can improve the lives of cancer patients and their families.

What are your thoughts on the future of cancer care?

Working at COTA, I realize that any type of innovation in oncology, whether it be technology-related or scientific, requires data. When organizations collaborate to share their research and resources, we can get good data that has the potential to save lives. Every time we successfully deliver to our customers, we move a little closer to curing this disease. If we continue to do this, I think the future is bright.

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