We are excited to announce CC Obi-Gwacham as our next CO10 to be featured on the COTA Team Member Spotlight!

CC is a member of the Operations and Delivery team at COTA, where he serves as the technical and coordination lead on projects that contribute to health economics and outcomes research of cancer therapies, as well as acceleration of new cancer drug development. When he isn’t working at COTA, CC enjoys playing basketball, attending concerts, spending time outdoors, and traveling.

Keep reading to learn more about CC and why he enjoys working at COTA, why his job is important to him and the personal connection he has to the company’s work!

Why did you decide to join the COTA team?

I decided to join the COTA team because I saw the potential to make an impact, both day-to-day within the company and more broadly in the world of cancer, through the use of data that is often untapped. It’s a cool, unique, and entrepreneurial space to be in and I get to work with smart and driven people.

Why do you like working for COTA?

I like working at COTA because it’s fun. COTA prides itself on diversity and inclusion and it’s a great working environment. We have daily company huddles, catered lunches, and monthly team outings, such as; rock climbing, trivia nights, and escape rooms. Working for a start-up is always fun, but COTA takes it up a notch.

What would you like to tell someone who is considering a job in the oncology space? Why is your job important to you?

We are at a point in healthcare where stakeholders are choosing to double down on investments in oncology, which alone makes it an attractive space. However, on top of that, for many CO10s including me, the ultimate draw to this space is the opportunity to help patients get the best care. Two years ago, I nearly lost my aunt to stage IV breast cancer. Two weeks ago, I lost my uncle to advanced prostate cancer. Genetic markers that are linked to cancer run through my family. I believe the work we do at COTA will greatly impact many patients. I’m constantly reminded of and driven by the importance of our work.