COTA Collaborates with University of Chicago Medicine and UT Southwestern on Research To Be Presented at the American Society for Hematology’s Annual Meeting & Exposition

Collaborative research leveraged real-world data to uncover critical insights aimed at improving patient outcomes and driving diversity in blood cancer treatment and research

COTA, Inc., an oncology real-world data and analytics company, today announced four of their abstracts will be showcased at the American Society for Hematology’s (ASH) Annual Meeting & Exposition from December 11–14, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. COTA has the most comprehensive hematology oncology real-world data that is curated under the close guidance of leading oncologists and hematology specialists.

“For 2021, our team at COTA set a goal to double down on impactful research that will improve cancer treatment and research,” said C.K. Wang, MD, Chief Medical Officer at COTA, Inc. “Without invaluable cancer research like that being presented at ASH, care and treatment specific to blood cancer patients would remain status quo. Research grounded in real-world data is core to bringing clarity and innovation to oncology.”

COTA’s four research collaborations using real-world data focused specifically on hematologic malignancies including acute myeloid leukemia, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. This research generated valuable evidence across a number of important diagnostic and therapeutic questions, such as inclusive risk prognostication, vulnerable subpopulations, and the real-world effectiveness of novel systemic treatment. Access to this research can be found here:

“In order to truly understand how drugs and treatments are impacting blood cancer patients, one of the fastest and most reliable sources of truth is real-world data,” said Ankit Kansagra, MD, oncologist, and medical researcher at UT Southwestern. “Real-world data is an absolutely critical part of moving cancer care in the direction of personalized medicine — and we are proud to have COTA as our collaborator and research partner in driving toward this value-driven change in cancer research and treatment.”

Alongside industry leading collaborators like the Cleveland Clinic, FDA, and Friends of Cancer Research, COTA also nearly doubled the number of peer-reviewed research publications year-over-year and secured two oral presentations at major scientific conferences, the annual Transplant Cellular Therapy Conference and the annual meeting of the American Urologic Association.