Connecting Providers, Patients, and Life Sciences to Drive Scientific Breakthroughs

August 23, 2021

Despite having shared goals like improving patient outcomes with new and life-saving treatments,  providers and life science companies operate as separate entities, making it difficult to bring blockbuster drugs out of the lab and into the real world. There are many sound reasons for this dichotomy, but working separately is holding us back. 

Companies like COTA help solve this problem.

As a real-world data (RWD) company with trusted relationships across the clinical and life sciences communities, COTA is uniquely positioned to form the critical bridge between stakeholders.

RWD is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare decisions but accessing it is not easy.

Before RWD can be used in research, it must be aggregated, organized, cleaned, and curated through a combination of sophisticated machine learning tools and intelligent human expertise.

And that’s only the first step. In order to be truly useful, RWD must be available at scale. Clinical trial sponsors need geographically, ethnically, and clinically diverse data sets to ensure their research represents the populations that will use their agents. If providers and sponsors were limited to one-on-one arrangements with each other, they would struggle to access enough diverse, inclusive, and high-quality data to perform good science. 

Engaging companies like COTA to bridge the gaps with RWD can help everyone achieve the most meaningful results.

Healthcare providers get their data transformed into rich, structured, high-quality datasets ready to use for patient care and detailed population management. Clinical trial sponsors gain access to meticulously de-identified, large-scale RWD that can accelerate innovation and drug development. And patients get more opportunities to participate in targeted clinical trials backed by the best data science available.

COTA is extremely proud to be bringing stakeholders together, and we take our responsibility preparing RWD for research very seriously. Privacy and security are paramount when handling patient data, and we are always working closely with other leaders in the field to refine ethical and technical best practices for the emerging data-sharing ecosystem.

As we move forward together into a new era of research and development, we are excited to continue educating, supporting, and connecting all members of the clinical and life sciences communities. With real-world data at the center of our efforts, we will forge even stronger, more collaborative relationships to ensure patients have access to the best possible therapies for their needs.

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