Boston, MA – May 18, 2020 – COTA, Inc., a healthcare technology company that uses real-world data (RWD) to bring clarity to cancer care, is pleased to announce that MedTech Breakthrough has named COTA as a winner in the fourth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards program for the “Best Overall Medical Data Solution Provider” award. The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, people, platforms, and products in various industries including health, fitness, and medical technology. COTA was one of 3,750 nominees this year.

Founded by oncologists, engineers, and data scientists, COTA has developed a proprietary solution to extract, analyze, and manage real-world data (RWD) and deliver precision medicine on a global scale. Using technology-enabled human abstraction techniques, COTA takes real-world patient data, hidden and fragmented within EHRs, and curates and organizes it such that clinicians can gain meaningful insights.

Powered by deeply curated RWD, COTA’s Real World Analytics platform empowers clinical administrators to answer critical questions quickly and easily. In one snapshot, they can see how care is being delivered to identify unwarranted treatment variation, turning the chaos of unstructured EMR notes into a clear and actionable story of care. This enables better decision-making at the point of care—which can also reduce costs.

Additionally, COTA’s deidentified RWD can be used to accelerate drug development by helping to assess market opportunity, inform and optimize clinical trial design, and enable observational trials. COTA offers a clear picture of real-world treatments and outcomes, with insights into how different drugs are used, or how an innovation can advance the current standard of care. As real-world evidence is increasingly applied in regulatory-decision making, COTA’s data can help optimize trial design and drive comparator cohorts.

“Being recognized as a MedTech Breakthrough winner is truly an honor and an opportunity to bring awareness to COTA’s commitment of transforming cancer care through the use of data,” shared Bernard Chien, COTA’s Chief Technology Officer. “We’re excited to be included among these great companies in the health and medical technology industries for our work bringing clarity to cancer care and drug development.” 

The full announcement and complete list of winners can be found here.