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The insights hidden within your data can be uncovered
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Oncology Provider Solutions

COTA’s data curation service and oncology analytics solution help oncology practices and cancer centers make sense of fragmented and often incomplete EHR data. Our award winning Real World Analytics solution (RWA) helps clinicians and researchers answer complex questions and gain insight into their institution’s patient population, treatment patterns and disease outcomes to bring clarity to cancer care.

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Unlock Real-World Data

Unlock the potential of your clinical data through our expert technology-enabled, disease specific, longitudinal patient record curation.​

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Highly Intuitive Analytics

Administrators gain direct access to clinically relevant metrics and reporting, eliminating the need for onsite technology support.

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Compare Cohorts

View clinically similar patient cohorts side-by-side to understand differences in care and outcomes.

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Analyze Outcomes

Understand real world outcomes within your patient population.

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Identify Treatment Patterns

Gain insight into variations in care delivery. Understand the consistency of care among your physicians and across locations.

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Track Key Metrics

Track widely accepted oncology care standards with the option to create custom metrics for your institution.

Real World Analytics by COTA


Advancing Research

Designated research partners have unique access to our deeply curated and continually growing database of deidentified and contemporaneous patient data across 14 cancer types. 

Latest Resources

Exploring standards of care in real-world settings with RWD

Real-world data (RWD) can help to illuminate patterns in therapy selection and the correlation to outcomes, giving oncologists and researchers some additional guidance on emerging trends in the oncology community.

From Data to Discovery: How AI Is Accelerating Progress in Oncology

the latest wave of data, technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) advances are challenging views, empowering individuals across life sciences functions to answer research questions using many different types of RWD
"In my opinion, COTA now has what is the single best analytic tool in the market for monitoring practice patterns and quality in oncology."
"Working with COTA has enabled us to have clear and accurate access to understanding patterns of patient care faster than we've ever had."
“Proving your value as a provider is a matter of wedding your outcomes and costs. Through our work with COTA, we're closer to being able to do this than we ever have been before."
"The goal is to standardize care. Standardization is essential to patient safety and the control of costs. COTA's unique capabilities and partnership model enable us, for the first time, to monitor this standardization efficiently."

Getting Focused

Our approach makes sense of all the relevant aspects of the patient journey from your medical records – data in physician notes, pathology, radiology, surgical reports, genomic testing results and to develop a longitudinal patient record and comprehensive picture of care.
COTA maintains a highly sophisticated and multidisciplinary data curation approach. Our methodology was developed by oncologists with input from a team of informaticists, cancer outcomes researchers, and biostatisticians with the goal of unlocking data from both structured and unstructured sources. All of our data curation efforts occur on the COTA Abstraction Platform (CAP), which is an internally developed and proprietary platform that enables COTA to leverage technology as we scale our curation efforts. Data elements are standardized across sources and ontologies to create a single, structured dataset that covers the full longitudinal history of a patient’s clinical care. COTA’s extensive quality control and audit process ensures the data can be readily transformed into fit-for-purpose research grade datasets and occurs at every step in the curation process, from the point of data entry all the way through to data delivery. Additionally, our process includes inter-rater reliability scoring prior to abstraction as well as programmatic controls which detect clinical improbability at data ingestion. COTA can curate on-demand, longitudinal histories of your patient population to meet the full range of research and operational improvement interests at your center.
Our easy-to-use data visualization tools display your data in the clearest, most impactful way. Data is also available in a variety of file formats to suit your preferences for additional data analysis.
Our data lets you look deeply at performance and outcomes across your provider organization, so you can identify variation and take action to improve care quality and outcomes.
Our numerical classification system clusters patients with clinically similar disease characteristics, so that you gain a clearer, fuller picture, and uncover insights that could impact treatment decisions and outcomes.

Let’s work together to transform cancer care.

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