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Clinically curated RWD powers our suite of oncology products to drive clarity in research, drug development, and patient care.

Our Data and Services

Data: Vista

Validate early hypotheses with a comprehensive, automated, real-world dataset that provides patient journeys at scale.

Data: Vista

Vista is an EMR based, multi-indication oncology dataset, curated solely through programmatic and automated techniques.
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Data: Clinicogenomics

Combining comprehensive DNA and RNA profiling with real-world clinical and outcome data enables researchers to create predictive models that will allow for more personalized approaches to treatments and to explore novel variants for drug discovery.

Data: Clinicogenomics

Combining deep clinical oncology real-world data with comprehensive genomics testing data supports more precise, personalized cancer research particularly across early discovery and translational epidemiology functions.
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Services: Real-World Support

If full research services are not necessary, but partners would like input and/or advisory from COTA throughout their project, COTA offers extra support in a capacity of levels.

Services: Real-World Support

The level of COTA engagements can range from straightforward analyses with partners experienced using COTA data to more complicated studies in the regulatory setting.
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+ Million
Cancer lives in our network
Oncologists across our network
FDA and EMA approvals

Geographic representation of patients accessible through our 50/50 mix of academic and community networks.

Data: Focus

Largest inventory in hematologic oncology diseases with the highest quality and deepest data model

  • Standard-level curation includes the most medically relevant data elements
  • Regulatory-grade data has been successfully used in FDA and EMA filings
  • Supports data pooling if needed

How is Focus used?

  • Augment clinical trials with external or hybrid control and comparator arms
  • Generate and explore hypotheses
  • Characterize the natural history of diseases
  • Contextualize data generated in clinical trials

Data: Vantage

A Vantage subscription gives life sciences real-time access to broad, curated datasets that are proactively refreshed with new patients added.

  • Largest inventory in hematologic oncology diseases with the highest quality and deepest data model
  • Volume for each indication based on disease prevalence within the US
  • Standard-level curation is based on the most clinically relevant data elements that can power robust analytics
  • Access to COTA’s team of oncology and data science experts is included with Vantage license 

How is Vantage used?

  • Address regulatory and submission needs
  • Streamline clinical trial study design
  • Answer research questions
  • Test and validate hypotheses in real time
  • Support HEOR studies
  • Commercial strategy optimization

Data: Vista

Vista is an EMR based, multi-indication oncology dataset, curated solely through programmatic and automated techniques.

  • Multi-indication dataset, providing insights into the full spectrum of oncology diseases
  • Continuous improvements in data and clinical logic through collaboration with our biopharma development partner
  • Leverages structured data and machine learning to extract and standardize patient data

How is Vista used?

  • Enhance and refine clinical development strategies
  • Uncover unmet epidemiological needs
  • Patent pending for clinical trial enrollment and trial feasibility
  • Monitor safety and other key post-marketing metrics
  • Understand a holistic patient journey, including non-oncology insights

Data: Clinicogenomics

COTA’s Clinicogenomics product enhances our deep clinical data with comprehensive genomic profiling information covering:

  • DNA-seq for 400+ genes
  • Alteration types include small variants, copy number alterations, fusions, and rearrangements
  • Reported sequencing results summary
  • Raw data outputs: VCF, BAM files

How is Clinicogenomics used?

Our Clinicogenomics data includes both standard of care and emerging biomarkers. Information on emerging biomarkers can enable:

  • Early discovery for clinical development teams
  • Creation of predictive models that will allow for more personalized approaches to treatments
  • Discovery of novel structural and copy variants to identify new druggable targets and mechanisms of action

Platform: Real-World Analytics

COTA’s full service analytics platform can help life sciences and oncology practices make sense of fragmented and often incomplete healthcare data. Users can easily access clinically relevant metrics and reporting needed to understand treatments and outcomes within their patient population.

  • Clinically curated EHR data
  • Point and click analytics detail the entire patient journey
  • Cohorting mechanism allows comparison of patient groups
  • Ability to report on patient outcomes and endpoints

How are Real-World Analytics Applied?

  • View clinically similar patient cohorts side-by-side to understand differences in care and outcomes
  • Insight into consistency of care across sites to support standardization efforts
  • Reveal real world outcomes within your patient population

Services: Real-World Insights

We offer best-in-industry data science and analytics services to help partners achieve their clinical research goals.

  • Leadership by elite researchers and data scientists
  • Option to deploy dedicated resources who will work on your projects only
  • Regulatory experts to support the construction of external or hybrid control arms adhering to latest FDA/EMA guidance on RWD

How are Real-World Insight Services Applied?

  • Comparative Effectiveness Studies
  • Real-World Treatment Outcomes
  • Mechanism of Action/Outcomes
  • Support for external controls and comparators from concept to TLFs for your dossier
  • Market access
  • Research publications 

Services: Real-World Support

Not in need of our full-research services? But still wanting help navigating throughout your project? COTA offers the option of three levels of engagement/consulting depending upon your needs.

  • COTA support and involvement can range from input on 0 to 3+ data deliverables and 2 to 10+ meetings with COTA Medical Team members

How is Real-World Support Applied?

  • Based on the level of engagement chosen:
    • Supporting outcomes analysis of COTA data for an experienced partner
    • Supporting predictive modeling study or other complex analyses
    • Supporting high-complexity study, including analyses to support regulatory submission

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