Get clear about value

Achieving value in cancer care requires a
clinically detailed picture of your members’ journeys.

Our Approach

We help you pinpoint the drivers of variation in care by combining our deep cancer expertise with proprietary technology and analytics.
Because a clear picture of cancer will ensure that your members get consistent care with better outcomes at lower costs.

Classifying Cancer

What we do

By providing a population-based view of a specific cancer’s care delivery, we enable the identification of unwarranted variation in care that may adversely impact quality, outcomes and cost. Armed with this information, you can design and implement effective value-based programs, including medical home models, bundled and episode payments, and shared-risk arrangements.

How it works

By combining clinical expertise and claims data, we can use our advanced classification system, the CNA, to more precisely analyze patient populations and manage spend.

Why it matters

Because your members deserve a data-driven approach that ensures they receive high-quality care in the right setting, when they need it most.

Latest Resources

COTA and Aetion partner to expand access to real-world data for oncology research

This collaboration enables Aetion and COTA to meet the needs of researchers requiring high-quality, clinically rich oncology data, for both liquid and solid tumor types.

Overcoming challenges to integrating biomarker data into clinical trials

Life sciences researchers and oncologists are learning more about cancer pathogenesis and treatment every day, largely thanks to explosive innovation in the world of biomarkers.

How to use real-world clinicogenomic data to fuel drug development

This blog series talks extensively about the benefits of using real-world data (RWD) to enhance clinical trials and accelerate research into new therapies for a variety of different conditions. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the details.

Getting Focused

We can leverage your data to design realistic, rewarding models that advance collaboration with your oncology provider partners.

Our analysis of your data lets you look deeply at performance and outcomes across sites, service lines and even individual providers, so you can evaluate variation and take action to improve care quality and outcomes.

Our easy-to-use data visualization tools display your member data in the clearest, most impactful way to inform and track performance in value models.

Interested in learning more about how we can transform cancer care together?

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