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Getting personal with real-world data at ViVE 2024

At ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, COTA’s Chief Medical Officer, C.K. Wang, MD will take part in a discussion session called “Data That’s Getting Personal”.

3 traits to look for in an oncology real-world data partner

Before raw, real-world data (RWD) can be transformed into actionable insights, it has to go through a number of different processes, from aggregation and abstraction ...

For the hematology community, AI and RWD are top of mind

A huge number of new breakthroughs in drug development, treatment guidelines, and decision support technologies occur every day to treat blood cancers.

LLMs aren’t good enough at diagnostics yet. What will it take to get them there?

Large language models (LLMs) are the foundation of highly hyped generative AI tools like Chat-GPT and Google Bard.

What’s in store for 2024? Generative AI, digital health funding, and real-world data

To ring in the new year, we asked COTA’s leadership team about their top predictions for 2024 in the oncology, real-world data, and life sciences ...

Women in Health Innovation: Deloitte x COTA blog series

In our blog series with Deloitte, we have written extensively about the benefits of using Real World Data to enhance clinical trials and accelerate research ...

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