ISPOR 2022

The Future of HEOR in Patient-Driven Digital Healthcare Systems

We are very excited for this year’s conference theme!  Our theme will be a “green thread” that is woven throughout our many sessions to bring a fresh and holistic view into the future of HEOR in patient-driven digital healthcare systems.

The last two years have seen a rapid rise of real-time solutions, digital healthcare interactions and an accelerated expansion of mobile healthcare. As digital systems mature and incorporate a broader array of patient-reported outcomes and preference measures, the trajectory of adoption of new services will be influenced by better information on how they are affecting patients’ lives. Such as:

  • Real-time data on utilization and outcomes of new treatments should enable more rapid technology assessment that adapts health services to evolving disease situations and patient needs.
  • The coordination of patient-driven data and AI-based algorithms could lead to better personalization of treatment strategies while improving equitable access to healthcare.

At the same time, concerns about privacy, equity, bias, diminished opportunities for personal interactions between patients and healthcare professionals have risen up on the healthcare system challenges agenda. Taking advantage of the current unique times that promote experimenting with platforms, writing new rules, and changing business and organizational approaches while rapidly adapting to new realities, ISPOR 2022 will encourage open discussion of the challenges and opportunities of the emerging patient-driven healthcare system and HEOR’s role in shaping its development.

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