COTA and Google Partner to Use Natural Language Processing to Harness Unstructured Data

We are excited to announce our partnership with Google Cloud to use their Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to help us better understand the unstructured data in cancer patients’ medical records.

This is a key part of our mission to provide the most comprehensive cancer care possible by leveraging the latest advances in data science and technology.

Summer Interns Explore Career Pathways, Pick Up New Skills from COTA Mentors

COTA’s Summer Internship Program provides an opportunity for college students to explore their career interests, learn new skills, and receive mentorship from experts in the field. This year’s interns come from a variety of backgrounds and majors, and are working in a number of different areas within COTA.

Envisioning the Future of Regulation for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

As artificial intelligence revolutionizes healthcare, we must develop a regulatory framework to ensure ethical use of patient data for research and care delivery. But, what should those guardrails look like, and how will we deploy them across the life sciences and clinical care industries? Miruna Sasu shares her thoughts on AI in healthcare and its efficacy with patient data.

Meet Our Interns!

We are so excited to welcome our 8 new interns for our 2022 internship program – learn a little bit more about each the newest additions to COTA.